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Travel often - fight like hell - live free
Just Some of Clients I've had the pleasure of working with
Brush Creek Distillery
Brush Creek Distillery
Templeton Distillery
Templeton Distillery
Altar Spirits
Altar Spirits
So... you'd like to know a little about me?
-Born in San Luis Obispo, California -- raised all around the United States.
my family was never rich and it was apparent that staying in California wouldn't be an option and middle America became my home for most of my life. We could never travel far or wide but we we still would manage weekends and travel a few hours from whatever working class, middle America town we lived it at the time. I grew to see the beauty in the areas of the world others would flat out ignore. my big moment in life would come when I was able to use my educational trust to fly to Italy and take part in a local archeological dig. I had never been out of the country before and my eyes had just been opened to the wider world. This would form the backbone for my entire life going forward. 

-Keeping my memories alive.

I have a condition known as Aphantasia, a neurological  condition not allowing me to visualize things in my head. Memories are all ones and zeros instead of a clear picture. My photos are the only way I can keep these places, people, and moments alive in my own head.

-Brass Tax.

I've paid my way to the position I am today. I am unique in the Spirits photography field as I have intimate knowledge of the entire chain of sale. 

Specializing in spirits photography I’ve worked with major brands like Templeton Rye and Brush Creek Ranch’s Distillery as well as craft breweries like the Snowy Mountain Brewery. I've had my work featured in American Whiskey Magazine, Food & Beverage Magazine, and Men's
I worked my way through the service industry from Bartender to bar manager and finally as a bar consultant. I spent years crafting cocktails and putting my previous sales experience to good use selling the story of the products I would Directly sell to the final customer. I have also worked intimately with a distillery on the production floor, That experience gave me a greater understanding of the manufacturing process. I have been a part of every single step of spirits sales and manufacturing to the point I can translate that into my photography and help tell your story through my art.

 Even though I have specialized I am not limited to the field of spirits. I have done extensive modeling work for social media influencers, brands, friends, and students.
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